I have the highest confidence and trust in Mary Beth and her staff to do my billing. I am extremely pleased with their speed of service, persistence to follow through until the task is completed, and attention to detail has significantly increased my accounts receivable.

Cam Riessinger, Ph.D., Psychologist

We have seen our revenue grow! We were in a real dilemma with our billing and went through two billing companies prior to switching to Mid Michigan Medical Management. Their staff is always willing to help with any questions or research necessary. Mid Michigan Medical Management’s expertise has been an important asset to our company’s growth and continued improvement.

Erin Sullivan, Office Manager

It has been a pleasure to work with Mid Michigan Medical Management. Having a proactive billing company helps us take advantage of all avenues of increasing revenue. It is nice to have someone that will offer ways for us to improve our billing practices. The staff here has been professional and willing to accommodate all of our wishes. They have made themselves available to us every time we have wanted to speak to them. Our bills are submitted faster than any other company we have worked with. Anything that is rejected is thoroughly checked and corrected before being resubmitted. Since working with MMMM, our rate of successful billing has been very high. We can not think of any reason that we would be interested in working with another billing company.

Brian S., Office Manager

HI Mary Beth: I want to thank you for the really really great job you are doing for me. As a result of your billing my income from my private practice has increased significantly. I believe one of my biggest deficits is that I am not a business person nor a detail person. Your guidance and expertise has saved me many sleepless nights and has made my private practice much easier. Your ability to handle concerns with insurance companies, help with getting on panels, and knowing the correct amount to charge has made my life much easier. I have trouble asking for payment so it is wonderful having you do it.

I have referred a number of my colleagues to you. Everyone I have sent your way has been as excited and happy as I am. Your staff is great to work with and all of you get back to me with answers the same day I contact you with questions.

Thank you for all your help. You are greatly appreciated.

Maxine Thome PhD, LMSW, ACSW,MPH

I asked a colleague to refer me to someone that could do my billing reliably. My colleague quickly told me about Mary Beth Houpt and that she completely trusted her billing service, Mid Michigan Medical Management. I was having difficulty trying to get in touch with my biller to answer basic questions. I also noticed that payments other than from Blue Cross took an inordinate amount of time to receive. I have been astounded (this is not an overstatement) with the level of prompt service I receive from Mary Beth and her staff. I was given several options that allow me to reach Mary Beth or her staff almost 24/7, and I always feel encouraged to call and check on anything I want. I was assisted in setting up direct deposit accounts for most of the insurance companies I bill and my accounts receivable and cash flow have significantly improved. I am able to do my billing daily via computer and I feel like I have a team to help me with the often confusing and frustrating issues that billing engenders. I am also given deposit records and EOB’s on a regular basis so that I can track client accounts. I am so grateful to have found Mary Beth because now I can devote more of my time to the clinical aspect of my practice which I love. I very highly recommend Mid Michigan Medical Management.

Sarita Overton, PhD, Psychologist

Mary Beth,
I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the good service your organization has provided to me over the past year.

You and your staff are prompt, and the online system is easy to use. It is so nice to know that billing is done promptly and payments will come timely. I think until someone has a bad experience, like I did in early 2014 with non-payment for many months, it can be easy to take services for granted, or get upset about the little things.

Thanks again for all your good work!

Ann Leary